7 Chinese Herbal Remedies for Preppers


How do climate change, an attack on asteroids, and a pathogenic pandemic all share? Apart from each getting their role in at least one of the doomsday films? They’re also the first three on a list of nine ways that CBN could potentially end up supplying the planet.

The list goes on to include fatal fungus, an engineered disease, nuclear war, robot acquisition and overpopulation.

Although all of these phenomena are possibilities, many scientists assume the most probable number nine on the list, a snowball impact, is. If two or three of these events happen in equilibrium, the consequences will be catastrophic. So this is why it is of utmost importance to get prepared.

A Basic Bug Out Bag

Perhaps the most important thing you’ll want to bring with you in case of these cases is a bug out kit. If you don’t know what this is, think of it as a large backpack in a survival situation, full of everything you may need. Although what you carry depends entirely on your own personal needs, there are certain essentials that are important in every bag.

  • Food and water
  • shelter
  • bedding
  • a heat source
  • personal hygiene essentials
  • survival and self-defense tools
  • a communication device
  • multiple light sources
  • traveling essentials
  • a first aid kit

Bug Out Bag Academy has a list of 75 items that fall into these categories that can help create a simple pack, but there is one category that is missing in this list, and this is in medicinal supplies. When you get sick and don’t have a way to handle illness, having arms, shelter, and food won’t do you much good. While there are many modern medicines that can help, ancient Chinese herbal remedies can also prove useful.

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A Brief History of Chinese Medicine

The Chinese began to study natural remedies, being experts in everything from acupuncture to Herbology as early as the 2nd century B.C.E. and by the 12th century A.D. Since the years passed by Chinese researchers, these ancient practices have continued to evolve, giving us what is known today as Chinese Medicine. This time-tested technique is ideal for a doomsday scenario as it relies on the use of natural ingredients that can be accessed more quickly than disaster-stricken western medicine can. There are seven important Chinese remedies, according to Remedies NT, that you can have in your first aid kit on your doomsday.

7 Chinese Remedies for Preppers

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Giant Hyssop – This plant, commonly found in pill form, is a wonderful cure for any stomach ailment. It can help ease diarrhea, vomiting and pain in the abdomen. It has also been used, in some cases, to treat headaches and heatstroke.

White and Red Flower Oils – These two herbal concoctions are useful for soothing a wide variety of pains and aches. White flower oil, consisting of winter green, eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint, camphor, and lavender, is traditionally seen in a balm-form. Its calming odor helps alleviate headache pain and clear the sinuses. Red flower oil is made up of menthol and camphor oils and can help alleviate back pain , muscle sore, and seasonal aches and pains.

Jujube Seeds – Such seeds come from the delectable jujube plant, a medicinal source of historical interest as well as a loved part of traditional Chinese cuisine. These are available at any shop specializing in traditional Chinese remedies. They’re a fantastic cure for insomnia when ground up in fine powder over a heat source. Powder already prepared can also be purchased.

Loquat Syrup – This herbal remedy comes as a thick ointment composed of an assortment of ingredients including apricot seed extract, loquat leaf, licorice root, honey, and white olives. It is widely used for soothing a sore throat caused by cough, cold, or bronchitis. This treatment is particularly valuable as it is deemed safe for children.



Ching Wan Hung – This red ointment is made from a range of herbs including myrrh, lobelia, frankincense, dong quai, quince, beeswax, and sesame oil. It is commonly used to treat irritation of the skin resulting from burns, rashes, bedsores, poison ivy, poison oak and sunburns in the first, second and third degree. Its distinctive color can stain clothing, so keeping the treated area covered with gauze, or some other barrier that is changed daily, is crucial.

Yunnan Baiyao – Often known as Yunnan Pai Yao, this powdered mixture of herbs is great for helping stop bleeding and encouraging immediate cure. For treating bruises, it can also be combined with a small amount of alcohol. Nevertheless, the various companies that produce this remedy diligently guard their ingredients, this concoction is well known to contain Chinese yam and ginseng.

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These seven basic herbal remedies store longer than modern medicine, and are often easier to find than their western counterparts. They can all be ordered along with many other traditional Chinese supplements, remedies, and medicines through the Solstice Medicine Company. By including them in your But Out Bag, you’ll ensure you ‘re prepared for almost any emerging first aid situations.

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