Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know You Need


When hiking, camping, or just getting through daily life, there are always times when you need to clean up yourself, your kids, or your space. Most of us keep a package of baby wipes or disinfectant wipes in the house and car for these times. But even a small pack of wipes can be a lot to carry when you’re trying to reduce your daily carry space and weight. These compressed wipe pills are perfect for those times.

Compressed wipes are hypoallergenic, biodegradable, soft on tender skin, safe for children, and reusable. Because they are hypoallergenic, free of preservatives, perfumes, and added chemicals they are great for sensitive skin.

After first using them for a day hike, I have begun carrying a few in my daily carry for those times when I encounter a poorly stocked restroom or an emergency situation.

Uses of Toilet Paper Pills

Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedBecause these wipes are advertised as compressed toilet paper, we tend to think of them for that use only. Instead, think of them as compressed wipes or towels and you begin to realize the usefulness of these wipes.

These are perfect when traveling, or anytime when you just need a little cleanup. Use them for:

  • Cleaning of all types;
  • A non-sterile emergency bandage;
  • Baby wipes;
  • Feminine hygiene;
  • Sponge bath in the woods or public restroom where no paper towels are available;
  • Hydrate with hydrogen peroxide instead of water for an anti-bacterial wipe;
  • Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedWashing and drying dishes;
  • Pre-filter for water;
  • Coffee filter and filter for other uses;
  • A good alternative to pre-moistened towelettes;
  • Recycle used wipes for fire starting;
  • Alternative for paper towel or facial;
  • Cleaning your pet;
  • Off grid uses.

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Toilet Paper Pills Are Re-Useable

These compressed towel pills are strong enough to be reused several times. I rinse them with water, wring them out, and hang them to dry. They dry very quickly. I would not recommend machine washing them.

They are surprisingly thick and some brands are textured to give them more body. They easily stand up to multiple uses.

Information About the Wysi Wipe Company

Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedWysi wipes have been around for a while and began sales online in 2006. They were the first brand that I am aware of. However, these compressed wipes have really caught on and you can now find many different brands and sizes available.

You can buy them at Amazon, through many online retailers, and at some preparedness and outdoor stores. They are popular among hikers and campers because of the small size, light carrying weight, and their versatility.

How to Use Toilet Paper Pills

Some of the larger compressed towel pills can be pulled apart dry, but this is not ideal. The best way to use them is to wet them slightly with a small amount of water. You can pour a few drops of water onto the pill from your water bottle and that is enough to start expanding the pill. You then unwrap and unfold it. Once it is unfolded, use it like you would use a wet wipe, washcloth, or a paper towel.

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Why Bother with Toilet Paper Pills

Have you ever needed to wash your face and the local restroom had no paper towels? At home, it is easiest and cheapest to use paper towels, toilet paper, or wash cloths. But away from home, you may find yourself in an understocked restroom or an emergency situation where these compressed towels are the perfect solution.

Even carrying a small package of wet wipes is messy and bulky. I also don’t like the lotion and chemicals they tend to soak them in. A small container of these compressed towels will last forever in my everyday carry and I rehydrate them with plain water—no chemicals. Fortunately, I can easily have them available for those unexpected moments when I need something.

They Unfold into a Generous Towel

Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedThat compressed pill looks awful small, is it big enough? I think so.

Sizes vary depending on the brand you buy, but the regular size pill unfolds into a 9-inch square wipe. There are also larger sizes, up to “beach towel” size (which is pretty big, but not really a beach towel).

How to Carry Toilet Paper Pills

Since sizes do vary depending on the brand, you will need to check your pill diameter. However, the ones I use stack into a waterproof match container. This case easily slips into a pocket for everyday carry.

Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedSome brands come with carrying cases, which is convenient for carrying multiple unwrapped pills. Other brands individually wrap the compressed pills for single use. These wrapped pills would be easy to carry for single use and would stay clean until used. Which ones you choose is up to you and how you plan to carry them.

I always carry water with me, so that is no problem for me. However, if you are worried about not being able to find water, I have noticed that the larger size pills can be unfolded without water. It just takes a little more work.

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Are They Flushable?

I do not recommend flushing these. The manufacturer lists them as biodegradable and compostable but avoids the question of flushing.

What Is the Cost?

Toilet Paper Pills – The Best Invention You Didn’t Know ExistedThe cost varies with brand and depends on how many you purchase at a time. You can get a package of 500 for about $34 on Amazon, which comes to 6.8 cents each.

That is more than I would want to pay for everyday home use, but not too expensive as an emergency backup and convenience item.

Advantages of Pills

I find the compressed size and light weight to be the main advantage of these towels, but there are others. They are soft, strong, reusable and biodegradable. The strength is similar to a baby wipe or a paper shop towel so you can use them in many different ways. They may even prove to be a great bartering item for when SHTF.

I like having these compressed wipes in my daily carry and use them regularly. In a bug out situation, I think they would be valuable because of their light weight and versatility. What are your thoughts on these toilet paper pills? Did you ever try them?

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