Learn in 5 Minutes How to Whistle With Your Fingers Really Loud


A loud whistle grabs your attention better than anything you can yell. So, of course, it can be a survival skill. But not just that. For me, it is more a manliness thing.

I’ve always wanted to whistle loud and powerful. But I couldn’t at all!

That until yesterday, when I bumped into a short video which I’m about to share with you.

I thought that there may be some of you in the same situation… you’ve tried, but it’s just not happening, right?

How to Emit a Commanding Whistle With Your Fingers

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 0 – Wash your hands

Step 1 – Extend your middle and index fingers to form an “A” shape using both hands keeping them close together

Step 2 – Open your mouth and draw your lips inward to cover the top of your lower teeth

Step 3 – Push your tongue back into the mouth with your fingers

Step 4 – Blow through the hole between the two middle fingers

Step 5 – Don’t worry if it doesn’t work from the first time. Keeppracticing until you find the best way for you. When I tried it for the first time, I got my fingers covered in saliva.

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In about 5 – 10 minutes you are going to whistle !!! Here is the video tutorial that I followed:

Remember When Practicing:

Your fingers keep your tongue pushed back and your lips tucked back over your teeth. Adjust your finger placement and your tongue untill you find the perfect spot.

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