5 Important Preps that Make You Side Money


The quest for preparedness often rubs up against the realities of our monthly budgets. When you come to realize that the earth and its people are threatened by so many different things that could just crumble society, you are driven to prepare.

The drive is real and its often governed by some degree of fear. However, no matter your passion you need money to keep climbing the rungs.

You can make more money by working at your job more. Things like overtime and part-time gigs can help you make more money. However, you are left with even less time for enjoying life. It’s a descending loss that only fills your bank account.

What if you could make money off your prepping skills?

Imagine using the skills that line up with prepping and survival to make money. Effectively, you turn your practice time into money-making time. Does it sound like a dream?

If you already got the skills, you might just need a few modifications to get the ball rolling and see some income from it all.

Hunting and Guiding

No one would deny hunting, fishing, and trapping as being serious preparedness skills. There are some people out there who are good at these things.

If you are one such person you might think that this is a skill that only helps you enjoy your weekends. However, you can make some money off being a good hunter or fisherman. You can start to guide people and teach them how to hunt and fish successfully.

Maybe this is right up your alley. If so, you can make a good chunk of money on a weekend of guiding a group of guys on something like a turkey hunt.

Being able to catch or kill your own food is already incredibly valuable but it’s becoming much more important and more desired. Get out there and make some money.

Fitness and Training

Are you the type of person who likes to work out? Maybe you are an exceptional athlete or someone who has a long history of lifting weights and getting in shape. Whether you realize it or not you have worked up a repertoire of exercises and fitness methods.

It’s hard to remember all the work you have put in because fitness is a daily thing.

There are people out there looking for you, who are just the opposite. These people have no idea how to get into shape. You could become the personal trainer of a small group of people who will pay you for your skills.

This can be very lucrative depending on the size of your group and the amount of money you charge them.

Gardening and Canning Treats

With the explosion of farmer’s markets, there are all different types of way to make money.

Many people who frequent these markets are green thumbs and some even sell their produce. It’s a very impressive little economy that has grown out of these markets.

If you garden and grow lots of food, you might think about canning up some interesting relishes, pickles, and sauce that can be sold at the local farmer’s market. There are people who make a killing on selling things as simple as a can of local pickle relish.

If you come up with a simple name and recipe you might be able to make some side cash at the local farmers market with a table, tent and your new line of canned goods.

Bushcraft and Skills Schools

If you’ve already got the skills, you are going to have a very effective means of teaching others those skills. When you develop a group of bushcraft skills you will always be able to find people who are interested in learning those things.

You are going to want to be sure that you are proficient in some things.

  • Fire
  • Water Sanitization
  • Shelter Making
  • Wood Carving
  • Foraging

Established survival school teachers charge hundreds of dollars per person in for these classes. This could be a considerable source of income for you if you know the people who want to learn these skills.

Prepping and Blogging

Maybe you are less of a hands-on entrepreneur. If that’s the case, you might do better to turn your entire prepping process into a blog. Prepping is a deep world and there is a whole lot to explore and discuss. A blog might be a perfect vehicle for you.

From talking about survival scenarios to reviewing gear, you will find it hard to run out of things to show your blogging audience. If prepping is your bread and butter and you don’t mind sitting behind a keyboard this can not only become incredibly rewarding but also highly effective at pulling in an income.

  • Affiliate Links
  • Sell your own products
  • Advertisers
  • Sponsored Posts

Not only is a prepping blog a great means of making money but it’s also a great tool to reaffirm your beliefs and find holes in your preparedness game.


You might feel like you are cornered by your budget. Maybe you are stuck in a dead-end job and you don’t want to be there, but you have bills to pay. There are millions of Americans in that position.

Maybe these side hustles can help you make more money and take your prepping to the next level. There is one thing we cannot deny; we must have money to buy some of the things we need to be prepared.

Here is one more consideration for you.

Imagine a life where you do all 5 of these things. Perhaps you create a consistent income that not only allows you to prepare better but also to leave that job of yours and become your own boss. It’s 2019. These things happen to people every day!

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