The 7 Survival Uses of Egg Shells


Eggs may be scrumptious, especially when paired with a generous side of mouthwatering bacon, but there’s a lot more to them than that. Ever stop to consider the eggshell? Well, as it happens, the tough, yet delicate shell is as nutritious and useful as the yolk and egg white. Did you know that crushed eggshell can be fed to infants suffering from Vitamin C deficiency? Sure, this is all common knowledge, but there’s even a lot more you can do with these discarded husks than baby food and tossing them in the trash. Because talk’s really cheap (and so is yours truly), here are 7 survival and homesteading uses of eggshells.

1.  Keep slugs off tomatoes 

Funny thing: since eggshells are packed with nutrients, they are very much loved by tomatoes and other garden yummies. However, the same stuff that makes your tomatoes round and red and utterly delish is the slug’s kryptonite – the damned critters won’t go near that stuff, no matter the incentive. So, if you have a slug problem in your garden, get yourself a dozen eggshell, crush them as much as you can, and sprinkle them around the roots. Trust when I say that those slugs will never go near your veggie patch. 

2.  Keep knives sharp 

If you ever find yourself with dull knives and no sharpening stone, you can always use some crushed eggshells to restore them to their former glory. Just crush a couple of husks using a mortar & pestle and add a small quantity of water. Rub this mixture all over the blade using a clean cloth, and you’re good to go. You’ll be surprised at how efficient this stuff is; and cheaper, considering that a good sharpening stone can make quite a hole in your budget. Why spend a truckload of money when Mother Nature can provide you with a better alternative?

3.  Great picker-upper 

Not enough energy to get through the day? No problem; granny knows what’s best. There’s an old, sure-fire recipe that can treat anything from broken limbs to broken hearts – aid-dried eggshells mixed with a little bit of water and a generous amount of honey. Also a great home remedy for an upset tummy and diarrhea.  Here’s how you can make this recipe at home: get yourself a dozen eggs, break them open, and discard the egg white. Crush them gently and place the bits on a clean cloth or paper towels. Place them on a high shelf or kitchen counter and allow them to dry. The process should take a couple of days, give or take. Now, grab a mason jar, some honey, and a cup of water. Place the dried eggshells inside, add water, a spoon or two of honey and stir. It’s ready! Store it in a cool and dark place. As I’ve mentioned, the honey and eggshells mixture is a great energy booster, sure-fire remedy for diarrhea, and, consumed daily, cuts down by almost half the risk of arthritis. 

4.  Housecleaner 

Having trouble getting rid of those nasty stains? Well, you would be happy to know that you can use eggshells to make your bathroom, kitchen, or any other areas of the house squeaky-clean. Why would this work? Because crushed eggshells have a great abrasive effect when mixed with just enough water and soapy detergent. Works like a charm on enameled surfaces such as the toilet, sink, and bathtub. Even great is the fact that you can prepare the mix in advance. Use as much as you need and then place the container in the pantry or garage. I would advise using a mason since they’re easier to handle and can be stored virtually anywhere. Just be sure to screw the lid on tight before storing. Prolonged air contact will contaminate the mixture, rendering it useless. 

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5.  Eco-friendly candles 

The best homemade candles are made from small, bell jars. Or so they say; so, why not save yourself a trip to the thrift shop and a couple of bucks by reusing some of those eggshells? When you’re done the cooking, grab some intact eggshells, wash them as best as you can, put a wick inside, and pour some candle wax. Let them dry overnight and voila, you now have egg candles. Simple, right? Wouldn’t use them for a candlelit dinner with your SO, but they’re great for moonlight picnics or Easter.

6.  Making A-prime Java

Mornings are definitely all about a great breakfast and, of course, a great cup of coffee. Well, there are times when food become bland, and there’s nothing much going on in the bedroom. Can’t do anything about either of those, but I can teach you a neat trick to improve the taste of your morning Java. In the tin box or your favorite coffee-storing place, place a small number of crushed eggshells. Don’t forget to air-dry before mixing it with the coffee; you really don’t want any moisture in them. Give it a good mix, and it’s ready. Use this mix the next time you plan on making coffee. You won’t regret it. 

7.  Make the itch go away 

Can’t stop scratching? Well, I would go with antibiotics with that one; joking. For any and all skin irritations, you can whip yourself some healing salve using apple cider vinegar, a bit of water, and some crushed eggshells. Here’s how to prepare it: in a clean bowl, add the grounded husks of about six eggs, two tablespoons of vinegar, and about the same amount of water. Mix well and apply the salve to a clean cloth. Rub it on the itch two to three times per day, and you’ll be up and running in no time. Sure, it’s not as ‘homesteady’ as putting a spoon in the freezer before applying it to the itch, but it still gets the job done and is faster to make. If the itch doesn’t go away after a couple of days, I would strongly advise you to go and visit a doctor. 

That’s about it on how to use eggshells in survival. Have any more ideas on how to use them around the home or in an SHTF situation? Shoot me a comment.

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