How to Make Ginger Oil To Counter Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer


Most people are ready to handle common everyday first aid needs. Medicine cabinets contain the basic medicines you’ll need to treat everyday illnesses or at least keep you limping along until you can get to medical attention. What happens when that medical attention is a long way off and you ‘re involved in a prolonged emergency without medical care?

Are you equipped to manage an extended period without access to medical care, possibly for months or years? In such a scenario, the method to treat and prevent chronic illness may literally mean the difference between life and death.

UK researchers now estimate that in their lifetime approximately half of the population will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. That’s up from 1 in 3 people even just a few decades ago. In a survival scenario, that number could increase further as the potential for increased environmental toxins is higher without sanitation or rule of law.

But… How Do You Prepare to Treat Cancer?

In times of chaos, when modern medicine is not available, we have to go back to our roots and use time-tested medicines that worked for our ancestors. Plant based medicine worked to keep us healthy for generations and now science is showing us why.

Consuming ginger extract has been shown to have significant anti-cancer properties according to a study in the journal of food and chemical toxicology. In particular, ginger is effective at preventing the growth and progression of prostate, ovarian and colon cancer in lab studies. Ginger extract is also showing promise as a treatment for liver cancer.

One research in the British Journal of Nutrition found that consuming 100 mg of ginger for every Kg of body weight could inhibit the growth of prostate cancer by as much as 56%.

Ginger is extremely easy to grow at home as a houseplant because it thrives in low light. Full sun outdoors actually burns the growth, meaning that it’s ideal to cultivate on a windowsill indoors for year round harvests. So long as temperatures consistently stay above 50 degrees, you can have your own self renewing supply of cancer fighting ginger.

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How To Easily Prepare Your Own Homemade Ginger Extract

All you need is a bit of ginger, a neutral cooking oil, such as olive or sunflower oil, and a bit of heat for the extraction process.

1. Wash it off

Freshly Harvested Vermont Grown Ginger

Freshly Harvested Vermont Grown Ginger

Start by thoroughly washing and drying your ginger root. Enable the root to dry for at least a few hours or overnight to ensure it’s fully dry before you begin. Grate or thinly slice the ginger into a heat safe container, such as a small baking pan, enameled cast iron or mason jar. I’ve used an enameled cast iron because it allows me to make small batches and cover a single layer of ginger with just a thin layer of oil. The cast iron helps to moderate the heat and keep the ginger extracting at a constant low temperature.

2. Peel and grate

Grated and Sliced Ginger

Peeling the ginger first makes it taste better, but it’s not essential as the peel often contains medicinal compounds. In a survival situation, I would want to make use of every scrap of ginger, and I wouldn’t waste the peel.

3. Cover with oil

Adding the Oil to Cover Ginger

Cover the ginger completely with your neutral cooking oil. In this case, I’ve used sesame oil because I want to integrate the ginger oil into my cooking and sauces, and the taste of sesame complements ginger. Sesame oil also has its own cancer prevention properties, and is showing promise as a cure for colon cancer.

4. Extract the essentials

Place the heat-safe container in the oven on its lowest setting, typically about 150 to 170 degrees. Extract the oil for 2 to 4 hours.

In a pinch, putting your extract near the wood stove often works to provide heat, but avoid placing it in direct contact with the stove as it will deep-fry your oil rather than gently extract.

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The heat will help pull medicinal compounds out of the ginger and into the oil, while at the same time burning off excess water that could cause the oil to go rancid.

5. Strain and store

Straining Ginger Oil

After the extraction is complete, strain out the ginger solids using cheesecloth, muslin or a fine mesh strainer. Ginger oil will store out of direct sunlight for at least 6 months. Homegrown ginger, harvested twice a year, will keep your family supplied with this homemade cancer preventative and treatment all year long.

Finished Ginger Oil 2

Like for most herbal treatments, it’s better to consume it daily in small amounts as a preventative rather than attempting to consume it in large quantities after a disease has already formed. Fortunately, ginger also has a host of other health benefits all year long right before you ‘re struggling with a cancer diagnosis. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and it also helps with digestion, circulation, headaches, coughs, colds, and fungal infections.

Try incorporating ginger oil into your cooking or simply take it by the spoonful daily.

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