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Whether you’ve suffered from allergies, or if you know a loved one who has, you already know something about EpiPens. EpiPens recently came under a lot of debate as they were recalled and their prices went extremely high and some health insurance did not cover them. This has caused the patients a lot of stress and frustration. We’ve gathered information from a few websites that can help you demand free Epi Pens, or at least get a decent discount on them.

Epinephrine is the only life-saving medication available for serious allergic reaction known as “anaphylaxis.” People with food allergies depend heavily on this prescription drug (epinephrine) that comes in the form of two auto-injectors in a package. Most often referred to as Epi Pens, they often come in a box since certain people need a second dose within 15-30 minutes.

If you’ve ever had to buy an EpiPen from your own pocket, you have to be aware that it can cost hundreds of dollars a year. The price of Epi pens for two pack cartons in 2009 was about $100, but after the pharmaceutical company Mylan bought EpiPen, the costs have risen significantly in the past few years. The EpiPen costs for two Epi Pens in a set today anywhere between $600-650.

According to Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari, “the difference between having an Epi Pen and not having one is life and death.” Anaphylaxis requires immediate medical attention, and Epi Pens buys you just enough time until you get to the hospital.

We are pleased to say that epinephrine auto-injectors manufacturers have expanded their savings plans in the US through 2017. That means you have various options available that allow you to either claim an Epi Pen for free or get it at a discounted price.

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Claim your EpiPen Savings Card

epipens card

It’s not always simple paying for as many Epi Pens as you need knowing that the co-pay alone can be expensive. You can get free EpiPens by clicking here and fill out a form. You will receive a My EpiPens Savings Card if you are eligible which can help you save up to $300 on each EpiPen 2 Pak carton. This savings card is reusable for up to six EpiPen 2 Pak cartons.

Check your Health Insurance

I always check which medications or drugs are protected by my health insurance and it’s recommended that you do have complete awareness of yours. Any of us may be lucky enough to have insurance policies that cover EpiPens. However, if an EpiPen set’s retail price is $600, the insurance provider might cover a significant portion of it.

epipens autoinjector

For example , let’s say your insurance covers half of the cost, so you’ve qualified for the EpiPen Savings Card and then you get another $300 off. So, you end up paying nothing or next to nothing for your EpiPen kit.

75% off Discount Code

The usual cost of EpiPen is approximately about $600 for a set of two pens. But with the Helprx discount code, you can get 75% off on the cost. You need to log on to Helprx website here and click on the get free coupon button. You will be redirected to the next page where you will receive your unique discount code. You can either download, print or text message this code. And next time you visit the pharmacy you can show this code to receive your discount.

The reason I like this website is that you don’t need to register! And it mentions the discount code never runs out! And at any of the big pharmacies, including CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, and RiteAid, you can redeem that voucher.

If you can’t find any free epi pens or want to keep an extra set, but are worried about the costs, this is helpful. How many sets of Epi pens you wish to redeem with this discount code is entirely up to you. We are not recommending buying more than two sets as Epi Pens expires within one year.

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Reclaiming your Free EpiPen Replacement

EpiPen maker Mylan announced the recall of 13 lots of defective Epi Pens which were distributed between December 2015-July 2016 in the United States. Such EpiPens had a faulty component which could compromise the capacity of the pen to administer an epinephrine shot properly.

If you were one of the unlucky people to buy the defective EpiPen, then we will help you with a cost-free substitute. Simply follow in the steps below.

  1. First, check your epi pen to determine if it is indeed involved in the recall. You can check for the following:epipens tables
  2. If the numbers match, then you have an epi pen that has the defective part. You need to call on 877-650-3494 and give them the NDC, lot number and expiration date.epipens batch no
  3. The customer service agent will simply verify the details and email you a voucher.
  4. You can take the voucher to your local pharmacy, and you will receive your brand-new Epi pen for free!

Apply for Mylan’s Patient Assistance Program

Mylan has an EpiPen patient support plan that offers free or low-cost injectors for financially disabled individuals. You must also apply in compliance with Mylan’s own requirements. You need to be a U.S. resident, have no health care coverage and have the federal poverty line below 400 percent.

Finally, Don’t Give Up until You Get an EpiPen

Before you get an EpiPen, you will exhaust any choice you have. If you’re prone to allergies you shouldn’t sit around wondering if you need one. Make sure that you speak to your doctor at your next appointment, so that he can provide you with details on various coupons, price support services, and incentives to cut costs on your EpiPens.

Doctors also get free samples from EpiPen reps, which is an opportunity that you can consider when you have financial difficulties. Obviously, doctors can’t do that for every patient, but it’s worth trying.

Last but not least, come prepared with your savings card and insurance information when you arrive at the pharmacy, and always double check that the discount is applied whenever you use it.

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