Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic


Garlic and honey are two excellent natural ingredients. All of these have good anti-inflammatory effects and are perfect for treating all colds and flu as home remedy.

The honey and garlic are essential for the immune system as well as having strong anti-inflammatory properties. So, catch this garlic-infused honey or even a garlic clove, at the first sign of flu and kill those viruses that threaten to make you sick. Garlic is packed with allicin, a compound proven to have antimicrobial effects, and even anti-cancer.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

The amounts of garlic antibiotics tend to be a direct product of allicin. Nevertheless, the allicin is very sensitive and its benefits can be lost by cooking or heat treatment. Consuming the raw garlic is the easiest way to get the allicin, but many people can’t bear the scent or taste of it.

While clinical trials have shown that garlic can reduce the number of colds by 63% and reduce the duration of cold symptoms by 70%, for others, the overpowering garlic taste is just a deal breaker.

Honey is luckily something that almost everyone loves. Honey has strong anti-inflammatory properties as mentioned above, but is also anti-viral and anti-fungal. Of course, as we all know, honey has a great flavor, and this natural delicacy will enhance even the taste of garlic.

The mixture of honey and garlic makes the garlic more palatable and more user-friendly. However, the garlic properties are even more potent when mixed with honey, while at the same time enhancing the benefits of the honey.

The recipe is very basic for this remedy, and the mixture will taste better over time. After a few days, the garlic is ready to eat, but as time goes by, complex flavors may evolve. Not only do you love this flavor in no time, but you will also enjoy it as an addition to your pasta or pizza or smeared over warm toast.

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Fermented Honey Garlic Recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes + inactive time

Serving size: 2 ½ cups


  • 1 cup garlic cloves, peeled;
  • 1 ½ cups honey (I used acacia.).


1. Gather your ingredients.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

2. Peel the garlic and place it into a clean jar.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

3. Drizzle the honey over the garlic. You can pour the honey directly over the garlic or drizzle in by using the wooden honey spoon. Do not use a metal spoon as the honey has an acidic pH and reacts with metallic surfaces. This reaction may damage the honey.*

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

4. Once the garlic is covered with the honey, place a lid on the jar.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

5. Make sure the cloves are covered in honey. You can flip the closed jar upside down and place it in a dark place.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

6. Within a few days, the fermentation will begin. Bubbles will appear.** This is the first sign your garlic is ready to consume. (Of course, you can wait a few days more or even weeks, until the honey is thinned down and garlic drops to the bottom of the jar).

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic

7. At this point, you can store your fermented garlic in a dark place (not the fridge) and let it age.

Homemade Fermented Honey Garlic


*Although you are only touching the honey with a metal spoon for a short time, you still do not want to risk any honey spoilage or destroying its natural healing properties.

**If your fermentation does not begin, you may have too much honey. In that case, add a splash of water (about a tablespoon) and close the lid again.

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