5 Home Remedies for Diarrhea


Causes and Symptoms of Diarrhea

Diarrhea typically takes from two to four days. This can be treated with medications or special, homemade diarrhea remedies. Remedies are freely available over the counter if you’re in an area, but homemade diarrhea remedies have proven to be just as effective. Our ancestors have always had remedies for a runny stomach.

Diarrhea is the most common disease affecting travelers. It is established annually by an approximate 10 million people (up to 50% of international travelers). It is important to know how to handle it if you find yourself in this situation. You may not have access to drugs in a SHTF case. It’s also important to know some homemade remedies for diarrhea, despite the fact that this is the most likely illness you’ll receive.

Causes of Diarrhea

•    A bacterial infection (most common)
•    Digesting incorrect foods
•    Food allergies
•    Certain medications
•    Abuse of laxatives
•    Diabetes
•    Certain types of cancers
•    Abuse of alcohol
•    Radiation

Symptoms of Diarrhea

•    Nausea
•    Throwing up (vomiting)
•    Stomach cramps
•    Watery stool
•    At times associated with fever
•    Weight loss

Home Remedies for Diarrhea

1) Potato and carrot soup

Chunky Vegan Potato Soup Recipe - Ian Knauer | Food & Wine

A home remedy will cure diarrhea and assist in the healing process. Potatoes have anti-acid properties, which help bind the stool. Carrots contain pectin and beta carotene that struggles against bacteria.

250ml water
2-3 potatoes
1 carrot
Pinch of salt


Place water on fire or stove and bring it to boiling point. Peel the carrot and the potatoes, then cut into small bits. Drop the water in. Quickly stir (every 3 minutes). Remove from cooker after 30 minutes. Sprinkle with salt, and enjoy. Using this recipe for two days. Eat 3 servings of it a day.

The starch (potato) attaches the loose stool, and the carrot destroys the bacteria.

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2) Apple cider vinegarApple cider kills the bacteria which causes you runny stomach.

1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar


Bring water to boil. Put one spoonful of apple cider vinegar and stir in water. Drink immediately. DO NOT add sugar.

Drink 3 cups a day every meal. The bacteria will be destroyed within two days. Upon taking the mixture, wait an hour and a half, and then have some yogurt to place healthy bacteria in your blood.

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3) Guava tea

Buy Guava Tea: Benefits, Side Effects, How to Make | Herbal Teas ...

Guavas are rich in vitamin C, as much as 5 times more than oranges. Also full of iron, calcium, and carotenoids. It has been said that guava leaf extract kills diarrhea bacteria, e.g. salmonella.

12 sheets (20-40g) of guava leaves
½ cup of water
1 tablespoon Honey
Pinch Salt


Guavas are high in vitamin C, as much as five times that of oranges. Also full with iron, calcium and carotenoids. Guava leaf extract has been said to kill diarrheal bacteria, such as salmonella.

  • Wash the leaves of the guava and grind to fine pieces.
  • Boil the salt and water for 15 minutes;
  • Add the guava leaves for 10 minutes;
  • Filter water with cloth or sieve;
  • Attach honey and drink

Drink thrice daily for 3 days. The stomach stool should settle, and kill the bacteria.

4) Flour

Per capita flour consumption slumps to 30-year low | 2020-05-26 ...

Flour is rich in pectin, a binding substance that will help bind your watery stool.

8-12 oz water
5-6 tablespoons of flour


Add the flour to the water, and stir until smooth. Drink 1⁄2 to see if it helps the runny tummy. If not, drink the mixture all over. Do so once a day, until your stool binds.

5) Black Pepper

6 Amazing Black Pepper Benefits: More than Just a Spice - NDTV Food

It has long been acknowledged as a herb that helps prevent intestinal gas formation. This has good antibacterial properties and prevents the development of bad bacteria, which helps to remove bacteria from diarrhea.

10 oz water
Ground black pepper (1 teaspoon)


Boil the water and allow cooling. Add ground black pepper and mix. Drink all of that mixture. Repeat 2 days twice a day. It would stop the cramps and bring the stool back to normal.

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What Is Activated Charcoal Good For? 8 Healthy Uses — And 3 You ...

The 6th (bonus) treatment is potentially the most efficient for diarrhea. You should treat yourself with charcoal almost instantly. This is very simple, and is often used to relieve pain in the stomach, excess gas, indigestion, poisoning, or overdose of drugs. For every pound you weigh, it takes 0.0005 pounds to cure diarrhea. Activated charcoal is also used to treat medicinal items. “Activated charcoal” is very similar to homemade charcoal, but is made particularly for medicinal use. Should not give charcoal to children, if you are pregnant or have liver, kidney or a very serious illness.

Of course, there are other home-made remedies for diarrhea but if you know this 6, treating yourself would be enough. Such diarrhea treatments work much better if you pay careful attention to what you are eating for the rest of the day.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid eating the following foods whilst having diarrhea:

  • All fat foods. Avoid greasy, creamy and rich gravies. It will only enhance the symptoms;
  • Dairy products. Diarrhea stops the formation of the enzyme lactose. So avoid foods containing lactose such as cheese, ice cream, and butter;
  • Sugar-free foods. These contribute to gas and that bloating feeling. Avoid artificial sweeteners, any diet soda or sugar-free foods;
  • Avoid food which has gas producing properties like onions, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage;
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine; these will stop the remedies for diarrhea to take proper effect;
  • Always wash your hands before preparing any food;
  • Try to boil all foods to ensure killing all the bacteria;
  • Freeze leftovers immediately;

Safe Foods

The BRAT Diet - Simply Real Moms

It would come under the acronym BRAT for healthy foods. Safe food will help the disease-fighting remedies for diarrhea.

  • B – Bananas
  • R – Rice
  • A – Apple sauce
  • T – Toast

Bananas are wealthy in pectin and inulin. Pectin will assist in the development of better stools and inulin will assist in the growth of beneficial bacteria which will also allow the diarrhea remedies to take action more quickly.

Rice It is low in carbohydrates, and can help alleviate cramps and nausea. Eat cooked plain white rice with no butter (remember, butter is a dairy product!).

Apple sauce. The apples have pectin in them. Nevertheless, the high fiber in crude apples renders them unfit for raw digestion. Cooking these helps digestion simpler.

White bread toast (toasted darker the better) contains grain, which helps avoid cramps and regular movement of stools. It acts as a sponge for watery stool.

Other safe foods would be yogurt, necessary for your body to produce good bacteria and to remove bad bacteria. During this time steamed chicken is a source of easy protein. Your body requires nutrients.

Always keep hydrated between meals, by drinking 8-ounce glasses of water. Keep the amounts low – you take at a time. During this period, sport drinks or honey garlic tea can also be consumed.

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Stay Safe

If your symptoms do not improve after 2 days, or if you continue to vomit, consult with your doctor right away. If after 24 hours you still have a fever, consult your doctor, too. Not all diarrhea is easy to cure. Keep in mind that E.coli or Cholera are harmful and have similar signs similar.

Our ancestors benefited a lot by the homemade diarrhea remedies above, so it will benefit you too. Watch what you’re eating. Always wash your hands, and prepare food on clean surfaces.

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