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Weight Loss Tips

How WORK is stopping you lose weight – and 6 tips to combat it – The Sun



DO your work colleagues often bring in cakes and biscuits to share?

Do you have a little snack drawer under your desk? Do you find yourself drinking a million cups of milky, sugary tea a day because someone's making a round?

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We eat an average of 1,300 extra calories a week at work

For most of us office workers, the answers are yes, yes and yes – so it's no surprise that our work is making us fat.

A recent study conducted by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that on average, people consumed 1,300 extra calories from food including pizza, cakes, soft drink and biscuits each week at work.

That's almost like eating an entire extra days' worth of food.

So, how can we curb our work-time snacking?

 So it's no surprise that many of us are piling on the pounds

Getty – Contributor

So it's no surprise that many of us are piling on the pounds

Well, you might want to first identify what and why you're eating during the day.

Reason 1: You're bored

Solution: Keep low-calorie snacks close to hand

Work can be super boring and nothing fills the aching gap between 9am and 5pm quite like a nice array of tasty snacks.

 A slice of wholegrain bread and some nut butter is a nutritious, filling snack

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A slice of wholegrain bread and some nut butter is a nutritious, filling snack

While it might be hard to do away with boredom grazing, you can change what you graze on.

Keep your desk drawer full of healthy treats like nut butters, chopped veg, fresh fruit or low-calorie fruit bars.

You could also download something like MyFitnessPal which allows you to track what you've eaten.

Once you see how much you're consuming mindlessly on a daily basis, you migth start to double-think whether you really need a digestive with every cup of coffee or not.

Reason 2: There's free food lying around

Solution: Keep snack foods in cupboards or kitchen areas – not on desks

If it's free, it doesn't count – right? Wrong.

Grazing on free grub that's lying around is the reason so many of us are overeating on a daily basis at work.

The solution is to push for communal snacks to be kept out of sight or in kitchen areas, rather than on your desk.

That way, people will have to get up and walk over to get a snack (which might put some off) and you won't just have to reach over for a biccie.

Reason 3: You eat when others eat

Solution: Create your own meals and set times to eat them

 Well, if the whole team is going to have a doughnut...

Getty – Contributor

Well, if the whole team is going to have a doughnut…

It's so tempting to have a snack if the person next to you is having one, let alone the entire office.

But the more you snack, the more your body will start to expect a feeding at odd times.

Try to create your own specific meal times and stick to them. It doesn't have to mean only eating three times a day – it could be that you schedule in times for healthy snacks.

Reason 4: You're thirsty

Solution: Keep a bottle or glass with you to fill up throughout the day

They say that up to 70 per cent of adults are dehydrated.

Not having enough water can make you think that you're hungry when actually, you desperately need to take on more fluid.

We need to be drinking at least two litres of fluid a day, so make sure you're regularly going up to the tap to refill your glass or bottle.

Reason 5: You eat in front of the computer

Solution: Take a proper lunch break

 Eating in front of the computer stops you from concentrating on how you feel

Getty – Contributor

Eating in front of the computer stops you from concentrating on how you feel

We're all super busy and it's really tempting to eat your lunch at your desk.

But by not concentrating on what you're eating, your stomach takes longer to realise that it's full. In fact, it takes about  20 minutes for the body to register that it's eaten enough – and if you're not tuned in to eating in the first place, that can take a lot longer.

Take your lunch break – it's literally your legal right.

Even better, go for a walk before you have your lunch to get those steps in and then enjoy your meal.

Reason 6: You're eating too much sugar

Solution: Try to cut down on the white stuff

Eating sugary snacks is what brings offices together. The tray bakes. The biscuits. The chocolate boxes.

But all that sugar can send our blood glucose levels soaring – and soon after come crashing down.

Not only can that leave us feeling tired and flat but it also makes us more hungry.

Rather than nibbling on Hobnobs all day, try to make sure you have whole food snacks on hand – packed with fats and proteins to keep you fuller for longer.

Keep a pot of Greek yoghurt in the fridge, or make sure you've got a jar of nut butter in your drawer to have with some oat cakes.

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Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss: 5 weekend tips to lose weight faster – Eat right, sleep right and repeat! – Times Now




Weight loss: 5 weekend tips to lose weight faster – Eat right, sleep right and repeat!&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspGetty Images

New Delhi: The second month of the new year is almost halfway gone and now it is time to look back at the resolutions you made, how many did you keep and how many didn’t last even a week. If losing weight was one of your resolutions, and you went to the gym for a week or stuck to a strict diet for a few days, do not let the effort go in vain. It is not too late to get back to your weight loss regimen.

While you may have used the weekend to relax and have fun till now, it may be time to put it to better use. A few lifestyle changes in the way you spend your weekend can go a long way in helping you lose weight. READ – Inspiring before and after pics of Alia Bhatt: Gully Boy actress’s weight loss transformation will stun you

Get moving

Though the weekend is about relaxing and unwinding, do not make it about just sitting or lying in bed all day, doing nothing. There are definitely better, healthier ways to relax. Play a sport with your family, or go for a run to pump yourself with energy. Make sure you indulge in some activity that you would not find the time for in your regular schedule.


A whole week at work can be quite stressful and cause your health to suffer. If you are not happy and calm mentally, it will reflect in your everyday activities also. Finding the time to meditate may not be so easy throughout the week, so the weekend is the time you can give your mind the break and peace it really requires. READ – Weight loss: All you need to know about raw foodism detox diet

Cheat day

Everyone is allowed a cheat day in their diet and cheat days are in fact, important. Since the weekend is all about listening to your heart and not your mind, indulge in whatever you feel is the best cheat meal for you. Make sure you eat your cheat meal in small quantities though.

Sound sleep

The weekend is the time when we more often than not, take the liberty to oversleep. As good as it feels while we do it, it really messes up our sleep schedule. The idea is to wake up at the same time as regular days so that you sleep well that night, and the cycle is not disturbed. A night of sound sleep is very important to reduce stress levels and keep you energetic to workout the next morning.


Water plays a very important part of your weight loss process. It also keeps the skin healthy and glowing, reduces hair-fall and keeps the body systems efficient. Make sure you drink enough water even through the weekend, especially if you are travelling or are out and about running some errands.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss: Sensible Diet Tips To Make All Your Meals Weight Loss-Friendly – NDTV News




A healthy weight is an indicator of overall good health. Keeping your BMI and weight under check may benefit you in the long term, as it reduces the risk of a number of diseases including heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. A healthy diet is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. But this does not mean crash-dieting for a few weeks or months in order to quickly drop kilos. It takes time and effort to build healthy eating habits, which leads to a controlled weight loss, without risking the body’s well-being. If you are overweight and meaning to clean up your diet and make your meals more weight-loss friendly, we have a number of tips that can help you achieve just that.

A healthy diet is sustainable and one that does not lead to a drastic reduction in the number of calories consumed per day. Moreover, it is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables that supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals, and devoid of, or at least limits the consumption of excessively sugary or salty foods.

Here are some diet tips to make all your meals weight loss-friendly:

1. Weight Loss-Friendly Breakfast

An ideal breakfast is rich in satiating protein and low in sugar and trans-fats. Believe it or not, most of your breakfast cereals contain hidden sugars and hence, you must stay away from those and instead opt for steel cut oats or muesli. Top your oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts. Alternatively, have a vegetable omelette or a soft boiled egg with a piece of sourdough bread, instead of fried egg. Oats and veggies have fibre and egg has protein and both these nutrients keep you full for longer.

Also Read: 11 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Popular Breakfast Recipes

Weight Loss: Oatmeal, veggie omelette are good breakfast options

2. Weight Loss-Friendly Snacks

Snack to lose weight. We’re not talking about the snacks that you can get off of a vending machine in your office, but the snacks that you can pack from home. Healthy, weight loss friendly snacks include roasted seeds, fruits, berries and nuts. Keep a box of these healthy snacks handy for when you feel like munching on something in between meals. Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats and protein, to make you power through your day, without feeling sluggish. However, keep the portion under check as nuts and seeds are generally high in calories.

Also Read: 11 Best Healthy Snacks Recipes | Easy Snacks Recipes | Healthy Snacks

3. Weight Loss-Friendly Lunch

A good weight loss friendly lunch is filling, yet light to keep that post-lunch slouch at bay. Eat some probiotic curd or plain yogurt along with some whole wheat rotis and lentil curry. Add a portion of fish if you like. Add some lightly cooked or stir-fried vegetables to the mix. Your metabolism is believed to be at its peak during lunchtime and hence, you should eat a proper lunch, in order to prevent binge-eating during dinner.

Also Read: 6 High-Protein Lunch Recipes You Can Pack For Office

4. Weight Loss-Friendly Dinner

The dinner must be the lightest meal of the day, as your metabolism is the weakest during dinner time. Eat a light white meat sandwich, which includes lean protein from turkey breast, tuna fish or chicken breast. Again, include a portion of vegetables in your dinner, as these tend to be lower in calories. Keep away from eating fruits at night, as they may lead to digestive trouble.

Weight Loss: Include a portion of veggies in dinner

If your weight is leading to serious health problems for you, then it is recommended to get a complete calorie-restricted diet chart made, from a certified nutritionist or a dietitian.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Weight Loss Tips

The Kardashian Sisters' 11 Best Weight Loss Tips –





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